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Team meetings occur every Thursday at 7:30pm in Rm. 2124 of Engineering Building III on Centennial Campus

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2019 Student Launch Proposal

September 23rd, 2018 - Article by Joseph Taylor

It's official! Our proposal has been submitted to NASA! We are very excited about our design for this year, our capabilities will be challenged as they never have been before! The following is an abridged version of our proposal: This year, we were given two choices for the competition organized by NASA. We can either develop a rover that will autonomously deploy after the rocket lands and collect a soil sample via a robotic arm or develop an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The UAV is required to deploy after the rocket lands and then fly delivering a navigational beacon to a pre-determined location. After intense debate, our team chose the latter option. Building on what we learned last year, our rocket will be made of fiberglass rather than the much less durable blue tube that was used last year. It will be approximately 8 ft tall with three stabilizing fins, a divergence from the four fins we have traditionally used in the past. The UAV will be ejected from the rocket within a capsule upon landing before deploying to complete the remainder of the challenge. We'll learn if our proposal was accepted on October 4th. Stay tuned! To access our full proposal Click here!